Ahead of the PlayStation 5 arrival in November, Sony has shared an official teardown video of the next-generation console and thus giving us a good look at its internals. Now that is a novel marketing campaign.

Sony basically puts it out there what goes inside of the PS5 and where the components located. BTW, the PS5 is massive. Like, physically huge. Just take a look at the console compared to the engineer who is doing the teardown:

Sony PlayStation 5 Official Teardown Video

Being a sort of geek myself, I appreciate the video. I also appreciate the “walk around” of the exterior, detailing the I/Os and whatnot. While I appreciate how everything comes together, I appreciate even more the small details that went into the engineering of this beautiful video game console – specifically the stand aka the base.

As we all know, like its predecessors, the new PS5 console can be placed horizontally or vertically and for that, it comes with the said stand. The stand is held in place by a single screw when set in vertical orientation.

Sony PlayStation 5 Official Teardown Video
A thoughtful storage for the removed screw.

The beauty is, when removed, the screw has a dedicated storage compartment inside the stand. And alongside it is a tiny plastic cap for concealing the now exposed screw hole on the PS5 after the base has been removed.

Finally, a rotation of the base covers up the screw’s storage compartment. While no effect on the performance of the machine, it is nonetheless an extremely thoughtful aesthetic design feature.

Sony PlayStation 5 Official Teardown Video
Circled holes are the “dust catchers”.

Another thing that impresses me is the pair of “dust catchers”. Dust collected can be vacuumed out of the dust catchers. Lovely.

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Keep going and have a look at the video yourself.

Images: YouTube (PlayStation).

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