With the pandemic having no end in sight, Los Angeles-based Production Club proposed a socially responsible solution to welcome the new normal. This suit, called Micrashell, is designed specifically to satisfy the innate need of humans to socialize at crowded clubs and live events.

Basically, Micrashell is personal protective equipment (PPE) that lets hit up crowded events without worrying about getting infected. Micrashell comprises an antiviral, air-tight top suit and hybrid soft and hard helmet. It is essentially like what AIR by MicroClimate, but even more futuristic.

The suit is made of tactical, cut-resistant fabric for durability, endurance and easy disinfecting. Looking straight out of sci-fi shows like Altered Carbon, IO and the likes, the suit is loaded with features including sensor, info LED and built-in speakers inside the helmet, dimmable and customizable LED strips for a vibrant and fun look, an integrated camera for taking photos and videos, and NFC link pouch.

Micrashell Protective Suit by Production Club
The future of clubbing…

The helmet further boasts an air ejection system, N95 particulate filter and suction system, and the top suit, which covers the wearer’s arms and hands, also touts a cell link pouch for your cell phone as well as glove latch on each hand designed to aid in dress and undressing without physical contact with exterior surfaces. The magnetic pull-latch is also present on the back of the helmet for the same purpose.

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In a truly futuristic fashion, the suit even include a drinking and vaping canister supply system, so the wearer could enjoy club and concert’s indulgences without removing the helmet and putting him/her at risks.

It is worthy to note that the top suit is actually a suit. It is more like a skeletal suit, thus allowing you to have your own fashion choice and be seen. The suit is intentionally designed with top suit only for washroom scenarios and you know, ermm, getting on with sexual intercourse.

I did not made that up, btw. That’s what the company told Fast Company. How thoughtful for not forgetting the fun fringe activity of clubbing. Micrashell is not a reality yet though, but we think it is the future moving forward.

Images: Production Club.

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