Man, this is really one F up world. Recently we came across a post on one of our fellow publishers’ blog. It is about a start-up called Civvl. It is brave to start anything in light of the economic chaos caused by the pandemic.

However, this ain’t no ordinary start-up. It is a company that does the dirty job of evicting people from homes who have arrears in rent or mortgage. So, yeah, it is like Vice described, it is “Uber, but for evicting people.”

You know, Uber for anything like say, a ride-sharing submarine, live music, Amish version of ride-sharing, are pretty much harmless and even puts a smile on people’s face. But not this “Uber”. This is downright cruel.

Before the pandemic and when the economy was A-OK, we probably have no issue with eviction. It happens to some people sometimes. However, this is the pandemic that we are talking about here. With so many lost jobs, there are bound to have unpaid rent and mortgages. Nobody wished for that. Nobody, ever.

Civvl aims to take advantage of this bad economic situation to help landlords to kick people out of their shelters. Obviously, it is not a business to be proud of. Perhaps the company knew that. It does not make a grand entrance into the market. It is not listed on Crunchbase which so many start-ups are eager to be on.

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According to Vice’s Motherboard, a Chicago-based paralegal, Helena Duncan, discovered this business by accident. Duncan saw a Craigslist post by Civvl while searching for jobs.

The post by Civvl is recruiting fellow working-class folks to evict working-class people from their homes in this unprecedented time. Now, that is fucked up. There. I said it. I use the F word. This warrants the word because that’s exactly what it is.

As I said, other times when the economy is OK, I would probably not bat an eyelid, but now? During this pandemic where people are losing jobs like trees shedding leaves in autumn? That’s shitty. No wrong. That’s beyond shitty.

Image: Civvl via Vice.

Source: Neatorama.

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