I don’t know why we are even posting this. Perhaps, it was because, the video shows us the classic pull-a-tablecloth trick but with a twist? Or maybe it was because, the trick, if you can even call it one, was done in a rather awkward manner, like for example, with the person contorted and the ‘cloth’ was on the said contorted guy’s ass? So, yeah, the fabric there was probably just a ass-wipe, not a tablecloth per se. It is still a cloth nevertheless.

And oh, oh… he did not achieve the ‘pull’ with his hands. I mean, he did use his hands, but they were on a remote, directing a drone to do the pull. Not sure how many times did he try before he got it right. But hey, what do I know right? Who knows this dude may have an undiscovered and wildly useless talent of pulling a cloth off the ass with a glass of liquid on it using a drone, right? To be fair, not many people can say they can do the same. I can’t even contort myself to that extend. My old bones just won’t listen. It’s amazing how time can do to your body, eh?

Then again, I have zero desire to do the same. This dude not only reinvented the pull-the-tablecloth trick, he also gotten himself quite an attention too. And it does make you question about the sanity of this world, isn’t it? Video after the break.

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Image: Facebook.

Source: Geekologie.

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