Parkour Runner Saved By Electric Wires

Not going to lie. My knees went jelly just watching this video of a parkour runner missing a jump on a high-rise building. It almost became yet another death caught on camera, but fortunately, a couple of wires up on the roof saved his ass. The man, parkour veteran of 13 years, 25-year-old Sergey Shorokhov, misses a leap as he was jumping ledge to ledge on the roof of 25-storey building, but thankfully, he managed to grab hold to some very small diameter electric cables and live to tell the tale.

He did not escape unscathed, though. The cable he was holding on to turned out to be partially worn and the some electric current to get to him, burning his fingers and stomach. Fortunately, it was not full-on electricity since Sergey described it as partially worn, or else he would have been thrown off by the electricity and send crashing to the ground 25 floors below. It was an incredible close call. That said, this video is definitely not for the faint of heart. So, proceed with caution.

Jump to 2:26 mark if you rather skip the drama and go straight to the gripping scene. Anyways, after watching the video several times, slowing and pausing the video, we have reasons to believe that the wires that saved him may also be the very thing that caused Sergey to miss the step.

Image: YouTube (Сергей Шорохов).

Source: digg.