Support Your Child When They Go To University

In the coming months, many students will be getting excited about leaving home for the first time as university places and admissions are confirmed over the summer when A-level results are announced.

For parents, this can throw up lots of emotions. Whether you are worried about the emptying of your nest or concerned about your child’s wellbeing at university, you will undoubtedly want to support them in the best way you can.

If your child is off to start their future this autumn, here’s our guide to supporting your child when they head to university.

Support Your Child When They Go To University
Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

Talking About Their Feelings And Concerns

Moving out of home, making new friends, studying in a brand-new environment, all these changes can bring up a lot of feelings and concerns for students, especially those just starting at university.

Make space and time for your child to talk about their concerns. Listen carefully with open ears and don’t try to fix things. Listening will help them know that they can always come back to you when they need to talk things through.

Supporting Them Financially

University can be very expensive, and we don’t mean tuition fees. The cost of living is rising in most regions of the UK and stretched student bursaries and grants will only go so far.

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If you are able to, supporting your child with a monthly stipend for groceries, laundry, toiletries etc can help them out as they navigate managing their budgets for the first time.

Helping Them Find Financial Support

There are several options out there for students who need financial support. Helping your child understand the process of applying for their student loans and grants can help them to no end.

Additionally, if you can’t always support financially, you can assess short-term loans for students that might be useful. It is important to make sure that your child can afford the loan repayments on loans.

Being Their Cheerleaders

Sometimes the best kind of support is knowing that someone is cheering you on to be the best you can be, even when times get stressful and complicated.

Becoming your child’s biggest cheerleader will give them that added boost when they are feeling anxious or nervous about being at university.

Letting Them Fly The Nest

This might be the hardest thing for you to do, but to truly see your children soar and reach their potential, you have to let them fly the nest.

Your child will know they have somewhere to come back to when they need and want. Plus you can rest assured that you’ve sent them off to university with all the support they need.

Featured image by Marián Okál from Pixabay.