Mini Replica Jeep Willy Electric Vehicle

Come on. Admit it. You are envious that kids are having the coolest electric kiddie rides. I am know I am. But I am here to tell you that there’s no need to (be envious) because, you, too, can have a kiddie ride, but one that fits a grown-ass person (or even two!).

Mini Replica Jeep Willy Electric Vehicle

While “kiddie ride” that grown person can ride like Bugatti Baby II and Toylander 1 have atrocious stickers, this made-in-China replica of the Jeep Willy isn’t. Last checked, the 800-1200W “Chinese cheap electric mini Willys” costs just US$1,350 a piece (note: not the exact price).

Granted, it is not roadworthy, but it should do what it is made to do pretty well: off-roading, or so we were told. So, yeah, the days of secretly envious of kids’ PowerWheels is over.

Mini Replica Jeep Willy Electric Vehicle

And mind you, we are not talking about kiddie ride made to fit adults like Kid Trax Land Rover conversion or the lovely Barbie Ford Mustang; we are talking legit small electric vehicle for grown ups.

Anyhoo… it appears that this mini “Jeep” is powered by a 1,200W brushed motor paired to lead acid battery. It looks like lithium is an option, but we can’t be sure. It has a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) and a maximum range of 130 kilometers (80 miles). Payload is a pretty impressive 230 kilograms (507 lbs) and it has disc brake all-round.

Mini Replica Jeep Willy Electric Vehicle

For those who are skeptical. We are confident that the Mini Jeep Willys Electric Vehicle is totally legit.

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Why? Because, Micah Toll of electrek bought one. If you want know more, we suggest you check out Toll’s write up HERE.

Images: Alibaba (Yongkang Liqian).

via electrek.