Not everyone has a backyard big enough for a greenhouse. Or to put it more correctly, not everyone is willing to sacrifice the backyard BBQ space for a greenhouse. That is, of course, referring to folks who desires a greenhouse. If you do, there is good news.

Revised Bramber Mobile Greenhouse

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Revised Bramber Mobile Greenhouse. It is a mobile greenhouse that does not take up a whole lot of space and as bonus, looks absolutely classy, like Victoria-era kind of classy.

Bramber Mobile Greenhouse is Revised take of an original designed by English designer David Le Versha. Instead of iron, though, the frame is made out of stainless steel and aluminum, finished with two layers of power coating while transparency is afforded with safety glass. The latter can be easily replaced should it be required in future.

Revised Bramber Mobile Greenhouse

This classy mobile greenhouse further features opening glass roof with mechanism that keeps the glass lid open at any position and a pair of handles that you roll it around like a wheelbarrow. The handles conveniently folds down to get out of the way when not needed.

The Bramber is said to be able to last for “generations to come.” It is said that only paintwork will need to be repainted from time to time. In fact, Revised is so confident of its durability, it is giving the Bramber a 100-year guarantee on the construction.

Revised Bramber Mobile Greenhouse

Besides not taking up a lot of space, it being mobile allows you to roll the greenhouse to the ideal spot.

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The Revised Bramber Mobile Greenhouse is available in four powered coat finishes for €2,062 plus tax (or about US$2,500+).

Revised Bramber Mobile Greenhouse

All images courtesy of Revised.

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