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Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden: Setup, Wait To Harvest

In the event of a fallout, your daily survival in the vault hundreds of feet beneath the wasteland is dependent on those canned stuff, or you could grow your own herbs, spices and vegetables for the added variety. While the Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden may not exactly enough for a fallout situation, it is should to supplement your home’s supply of fresh meat and stuff during peace time. Besides getting the satisfaction of growing your very own organic greens, Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden also makes for a neat home decor piece too. Just look at it. Tell me you are not impressed by the mini garden-on-the-desk concept. Continue reading Veritable Autonomous Indoor Garden: Setup, Wait To Harvest

Shotgun Flower Shell

shotgun is designed to kill or maim. there is no need for argument about that aspect, but with the Shotgun Flower Shell, a shotgun can actually be used to give life instead of taking away life. so how is it even possible, you may ask. well, the magic lies in the shell, which from the external is no different from any standard 12 gauge shell, but within it is packed with seeds instead of slug or shots, thereby with each shot, you will be spreading life. naturally, a regular shotgun ammunition will be a little overwhelming for the flower seeds, but the creator of this lovely shell has purposely reduced the amount of gunpowder and adjusted to fit the different seeds. in all, there are twelve different kind of seeds to choose from, they include Columbine, Cornflower, Daisy, Poppy (!), Sunflower, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Lupine, Carnation, Peony and a collection of meadow flowers. Continue reading Shotgun Flower Shell

Cub Cadet RZT S ZERO Mower

finding yourself leaving corners of untrimmed lawn after you thought you already did thorough passes? well, blame on the steering and go get yourself a Cub Cadet RZT S ZERO Mower and start conquering tight corners and even maneuvering among trees. being able to mow around the tightest corners is just one of the many qualities cos’ obviously, the RZT S ZERO is much more; it is fully electric, which means there is no engine noise, no emissions, no use of harmful gas and oil, and no belts and filters to deal with. heck, you can even mow your lawn in the middle of the night if you choose to because this mean machine is basically noiseless. the only downside of mowing at odd hours is, your neighbors might think your are complete nuts, but who cares if you can? Continue reading Cub Cadet RZT S ZERO Mower

Honda Mean Mower

when it comes to lawn mower, a little brute horsepower won’t hurt, but speed is almost never on the agenda. but the Honda Mean Mower you see here, defies the convention. developed in collaboration with Team Dynamics, Honda UK’s British Touring Car Championship partner, this lean mean lawn trimmer puts out 109 horses and 96 Nm of torque from its 1,000cc Honda VTR Firestorm and is fitted with six-speed gearbox which enables it to sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds and well on its way to a 133 mph (214 km/h) top speed. while externally, it retains the Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor body that it is based on, other bits are all but new. it is given an all-new custom chromoly chassis, a Scorpion exhaust system (that gives it the incredible 130db scream at its peak), a Morris Minor steering rack, a custom-made paddle shift, a custom-made Cobra sports seat (no harness though), a bespoke suspension and ATV wheels wrapped in super-soft tires for optimum grip and handling on tarmac. Continue reading Honda Mean Mower

Seedbot – Seed Spreading Robot

we’d be lying to you if we say we are dying to do some serious farming works, but if we have such a handy helper like this build-able Seedbot, a seed spreading robot, then we might just pick up our hoes and shovels and get our delicate hands dirty. surprised by the lack of automated seeding machine, Technology Editor of Instructables randofo aka Randy Sarafan decided to design and make one himself. we shall leave the debate of as to whether there is a need for such a robot in our homes aside, but what we can tell you that we are totally impressed by the overall aesthetic of randofo’s Seedbot (i.e. debate not necessary, we want one!). and if Randy’s “gender” of “robot” is anything to go by, you know are following the right person for the instructions needed to creating this awesome machine. Continue reading Seedbot – Seed Spreading Robot

Barebones Living Garden Tools and Accessories

gardening is not an activity loved by all. but if you are going to do it anyway, why not do it with style with Barebones Living Garden Tools and Accessories? unveiled at the ongoing National Hardware Show (May 7-9, 2013) in Las Vegas Convention Center, this new collection from Utah-based company comprises of eight hand tools and scissors – all forged from rust-proof stainless steel and featuring sustainable bamboo for the added rustic touch. the use of the bamboo, a natural sustainable material, couldn’t be more appropriate for tools that are going to be in touch with the nature and besides, it helps to break the monotony of plastics that are commonly used in today’s tools. Continue reading Barebones Living Garden Tools and Accessories

Smart Herb Garden by Click & Glow

get rid of your suspicion of how pesticide-free are the herbs you bought from your local supermarket by growing your own with the Smart Herb Garden by Click & Glow. like the firm’s previous offering, the Smartpots, the Smart Herb Garden is a high-tech, self-watering plant system that allows you to grow several types of herb in one sleek, rectangular pot. each of these countertop herb garden uses plant cartridges packed with nanotech material that will ensure the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at all times, while artificial sunlight is provided by a specially-developed integrated LED lights that is also safe for your young ones’ eyes. Continue reading Smart Herb Garden by Click & Glow

Click and Grow Smartpots

Click and Grow Smartpots
Click and Grow Smartpots | US$59.99 | www.clickandgrow.com

we suspect many of us, geeks included, has the green thumb if weren’t consumed by the technological advancements. that and our urban dwellings sometime do not permit us from showing off the greener side of ourselves but fear not, even if you do not have a huge yard or a dedicated greenhouse for you to wield your talent in nurturing the greens, you can still do it in a miniature scale with the Click and Grow Smartpots. for starter, it is a high-tech smartpot, thus befitting the image of any modern day, tech-orientated geeks. Continue reading Click and Grow Smartpots

WORX WG502 Trivac

WORX WG502 Trivac
WORX WG502 Trivac | US$129.99 | www.worx.com

we don’t know about the rest of the dudes but for us, there is something really attractive about home improvement equipment. that said, a three-in-one garden maintenance equipment like the WORX WG502 Trivac, naturally had our attention. this unassuming device with its typical work tool colorway of orange and black offers user an electric blower, a lawn vacuum, and a two-stage mulching system. a 10-gallon collector bag holds an entire lawn full of leaves and thanks to its additional pair of one-inch shredder blades Continue reading WORX WG502 Trivac

M48 Ranger Hawk Axe

M48 Ranger Hawk Axe
(photos: ThinkGeek) M48 Ranger Hawk Axe | US$59.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

some speculates that the end of world will see the undead walking among us and in the process, devouring us for snacks. though we are skeptical about this grim prospect but we guess it won’t hurt to be prepared either. for starter, you could grab yourself this $59.99 M48 Ranger Hawk Axe to kickstart your pre-apocalypse preparation. featuring a beautiful wide, unswept blade made out of precision cast stainless steel attached to a nylon reinforced handle with 30% fiberglass, wrapped in black nylon cord, it is both light weight and easy to lug around. Continue reading M48 Ranger Hawk Axe