EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower

Forget about a sports car-like lawn mower because if you have a messy lawn to start and/or have a fairly uneven lawn, you will need a moon rover-like robotic lawn mower such as the EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower. EcoFlow, for the uninitiated, is the maker of electric generators.

EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower

Debuted at the CES 2023 and a CES 2023 Honoree, the EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower is the first of its kind to incorporate a lawn-sweeping function to collect fallen leaves before you start slicing down the grasses. It is not all in one.

The lawn-sweeping function has to be attached to the rear of the futuristic lawn mower and towed along. But I think it is a matter of time before manufacturers will start integrating it into the device. Anyhoo, from the get-go, EcoFlow Blade looks like no other robotic lawn mower.

It looks more like an off-road vehicle designed for Mars or the Moon. This vibe is further extenuated with the front steering which doesn’t actually steer like conventional lawnmowers; it steers using a pair of omnidirectional wheels. How’s that for futurism, eh?

EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower

Like many of today’s high-end robotic lawnmowers, the EcoFlow Blade leverages AI to do the job and boasts a wire-free boundary system.

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Differentiating it from its competition is not just the look and the off-road design which clearly gives an edge on the rougher lawns; it is the lawn sweeping capability and X-Vision obstacle avoidance system that uses a combination of cameras and LiDAR to recognize and void obstacles big and small.

It has a wide cutting range, allowing anything from 0.8 to 3 inches, which is adjustable swiftly using the app.

EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower

To enable precise positioning, EcoFlow Blade uses 4G, GPS, and an integrated eSIM. The same positioning system also lets you track the machine’s location and serves as an anti-theft function.

The machine has an IPX4 water-resistance rating and it has a built-in rain sensor so that it can return to base when it detects rain.

EcoFlow is hosting a crowdfunding campaign for the EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower. During this period, buyers can secure a unit at a discounted price of US$2,599 which is US$300 less than its eventual retail price, from as well as from The Lawn Sweeper Kit is available separately at a special price of US$600 (U.P. US$699) during this time too.

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EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower

Images: EcoFlow.