Sometimes, even people with the same interests may be lost for words when they meet. Star Wars fans are no exception. But thankfully, unlike folks with other interests, there is an aid for fans of Star Wars to prevent the awkward lost for words situation.

Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards by Insight Editions

Enters Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards by Insight Editions. The Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards is kind of like a card game. It contains 125 heartfelt, hilarious, and sometimes even thought-provoking questions relating to Star Wars tailored for dinner parties, movie marathons, and more.

“If you could have just one Force ability in real life, which one would you pick? Would you rather face ten porg-size space slugs or one space slug-size porg? If Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber had been lost on Mustafar, how would Luke and Rey’s journeys have changed? With questions like these and over a hundred more, you, your friends, and your family can bond over your favorite characters, quotes, and planets from Star Wars.”

Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards by Insight Editions

In addition to the cards containing 125 conversation starters, the Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards also come with a 144-page booklet featuring trivia and lore to help stoke engaging discussions. The set comes in a beautiful, keepsake box that you can proudly display on a coffee table or bookshelf.

The Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards will be available starting August 01, 2023). Meanwhile, fans can secure a copy by pre-order it on for US$27.99.

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