I am not a professional diver and I am not a watch connoisseur either. I am merely an ordinary person who appreciation everything that looks sleek, beautiful (people included), and cool, and this new dive watch collection from young watchmaker, Reservoir Watch, fits the bill precisely. One look and you know why it is here. Because, it is freaking cool, duh…

Reservoir Watch Hyrdrosphere Dive Watches

Reservoir Watch’s new collection, called Hydrosphere, is the brand’s first foray into real dive watches. Like I said, I ain’t no expert in watches, let alone dive watches, and I am not going to pretend that know anything at all.

That said, we shall let Reservoir Watch to tell you what Hyrdrosphere is all about:

“Imminent submersion – Dive time: 45 minutes, depth: 25 meters. The pressure builds. Desire for exploration and challenge infuse the senses and the mind. Stay concentrated in the time to check the equipment: tanks, oxygen, pressure regulator, stabilizer… Clamped to the wrist, Hydrosphere, a watch resembling Scuba diving pressure gauges, the first survival instruments for divers. Having a unidirectional, rotating bezel with a double scale, helium valve and power indicator, RESERVOIR’s Hydrosphere asserts its uniqueness with a single needle on the dial. Upending the aesthetics of diving watches, it possesses the mainstays of a successful dive: security, functionality, confidence itself and its equipment.”

Reservoir Watch Hyrdrosphere Dive Watches

If you are not a diver, I guess those info don’t matters. If you are, then I shall leave to you to be the judge on whether or not Hydrosphere is the diving watch. If you want to learn more, you can read Logan R. Baker’s take of the watch posted on WatchTime.

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However, if just love the concept of diving watch and has the money to drop, you can pre-order Reservoir Watch Hyrdrosphere Dive Watches for $4,300 a pop. Oh, right. We forgot to let you know that Reservoir Watch is a luxury watch brand. Damn, these guys do have taste.

Reservoir Watch Hyrdrosphere Dive Watches
Reservoir Watch Hyrdrosphere Dive Watches

Images: Reservoir Watch/WatchTime.

Source: WatchTime.

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