When a lady puts her body out there on social media, it is bound to draw lewd comments from pervs. Seriously, are we going to pretend that there aren’t any perv out there? Perhaps, some of us do, but as far as German actress model Palina Rojinski is concerned, enough is enough because, she’s a victim of online harassment in the form of lewd comments.

However, Rojinski isn’t going to pretend those comments didn’t happen; she decided to get back at the pervs with an elaborate (and absolutely hilarious) prank. She teamed up with host of German Late Night Berlin, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, to create a series of prank photos of female’s cleavage which were really butt cracks – specifically, a dude’s butt crack to, you know, spice things up a little.


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Jokes aside, it is apparent that some men are as dumb as they can get, and fell for the prank and proceed to leave lewd comments on Rojinski’s Instagram posts. We shall not detail the comments, however. If you are keen to know, for research purposes or whatever, you can hit up Rojinski’s Instagram page to laugh about it.


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On a much more serious note though, how can anyone not notice the subtle bumps typical on region of an ass around the so called cleavage? Clearly, some people just don’t know boobs enough, or perhaps, something else took over a person’s rational judgement. What’s even more hilarious was, the supposed Rojinski’s cleavage was picked up by some German news as some celebrity gossip.

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What Rojinski pulled off wasn’t new. There are a bunch of similar ‘stunts’ pulled off by some YouTubers. Of course, those being videos, the truth was revealed right there and then. In all seriousness, Rojinski’s prank was one with significant and not quite for laughs. The prank highlighted the age-old problem of objectifying women.

Keep going for a few more multimedia stuff.

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Source: Laughing Squid.

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