So, you are a Empire-wannabe who think you are ready to take on the Rebel Alliance? Well, we have got news for you. It turns out, it is not going to be cheap. Lets start with the iconic battle workhorse, AT-AT which can come in handy when taking down Hoth system (but watch out for those nasty Snowspeeders). Ok, maybe AT-AT is a war machine that doesn’t really make sense, but it does look pretty awesome and it can ferry lots of troops and offers you, the commander, a breathtaking view of the battlefield. So, it has its pluses. Anyways, lets get to business, shall we?

Someone did up an awesome infographic that offers an approximation of how much it would cost to build an AT-AT. The thing is, it didn’t pull those numbers from thin air; they were derived base on real-world war machines, so we’d say it is pretty darn close. If you are undaunted by the final amount, which turns out to be of galactic proportion, then good luck in finding banks that will want to loan you that much. Perhaps, you can look to the Galactic Republic? But first, you must convince them that you have a way of getting rid of AT-AT nemesis, the Snowspeeder.

Infographic: The Cost Of Building A Real-World AT-AT

Image: Best Casino.

via MightyMega

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