Infographic: How to Build an Underground Bunker In 9 Steps

Judging from the response of some people during this pandemic, we can safely assume that nobody even cares if there was going to be an apocalypse. But that’s just some people. In case you do care, you may want to be prepared like Colin Furze whom have built an underground apocalyptic bunker in his backyard.

Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip In Infographic

What used to be the “runway” show for the usual flagship Galaxy S series at this time of the year has been outshone by a new type of Galaxy – the much anticipated clamshell folding screen phone, the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Cost Of These Iconic Pop Culture Structures Will Blow Your Mind

Movies don’t show everything. While motion pictures tell some story, they never detail everything like for example, whether super villains eat, or do they bathe or poop, and they certainly won’t give you a hint of what it took to build the Batcave or Hogwarts castle, and how much real world money they would cost […]

Here’s An Infographic From LEGO To Mark The 40 Years Of Minifigure

Woah… the world’s most iconic tiny figure, LEGO minifigure (AKA minifig) is officially 40 years old. But it is worthy to note that the big 4…0 is starting from the time where the minifig you knew today began. In actual fact, development of this little figure start way back and the first, bizarre looking LEGO […]

The United State Of Emoji Map Reveals That Poop Is Much Loved In The U.S.

I still can’t believe they actually made a movie about emoji. I know right. How is it even possible? I mean, inanimate objects that we attached with text messages are being turned into living, talking heroes? I know, with over 5 billion emojis being sent everyday, there is no doubt that emoji super huge, but […]

Infographic: The Evolution Of Some Of The Most Iconic Superhero Vehicles

Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universal, the interest for comic book superheroes has never been higher and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon – more so now that the two comic book powerhouses are fiercely vying for a chunk of the lucrative movie pie. Annual sale of literatures like comic books, trade paperbacks and […]

Infographic: Why Collectors Still love Vintage Coca-Cola Ads Today

You may have heard about a recent controversy involving a certain super model and an international beverage company. Said ad involving a Miss Jenner successfully diffusing a protest by offering a police offer a Pepsi, was swiftly pulled from circulation amid cries that it was tone deaf. This inspired us to do a little digging. […]

IT In Healthcare: Staging A Better Future (With Infographic)

We’ve seen a lot of technological advancements in recent years. Our previous article about the Amazon Echo showed just how far we’ve come when it comes to smarter technology. The same advancements are happening in the healthcare industry too, with new tech such as EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and digital medical imaging allowing doctors and […]

This Is How Much It Would Cost To Build And Fly The Millennium Falcon

So, Imperial sympathizers know how much it takes to built and operate an AT-AT necessary for their galaxy domination and you, as a Rebel Alliance supporter, or should I say, mercenary, will need to know how much it is to built and fly a Millennium Falcon that will make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs. […]

What If USPS Has Hummer Or Tesla As Part Of Their Delivery Fleet?

You know how mail trucks in Stateside looks like, but have ever imagine if those 200,000 plus vehicles were something else other than the slow, aerodynamic-defying boxy vehicles? Can you imagine say, for example, a Hummer or maybe even a Nikola One Semi or a Tesla Model X was used as a USPS delivery vehicle? […]