Infographic: The Evolution Of (Iconic) Superhero Vehicles

Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universal, the interest for comic book superheroes has never been higher and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon – more so now that the two comic book powerhouses are fiercely vying for a chunk of the lucrative movie pie. Annual sale of literatures like comic books, trade paperbacks and magazines have definitely been in a decline up till the late 90s – due to financial woes and changing distribution method. However, there was a graduate increase in the beginning of 00s’ which was clearly a positive side effect of the various movie adaptations hitting the theaters and also the improve distributions in the digital media age.

Anywho, for those who grew up following comic book superheroes in the 80s, you will witness the growth in the characters and for lovers of all things autos (like yours truly here), how the vehicles of the heroes and villains used have progressed, and the infographic here is a summary of the evolution of some of the most iconic superhero vehicles.

Source: NetEnt Stalker.