Fried Apple Demoed First Apple Watch Jailbreak

We usually don’t post this stuff, but since this is the first, we felt obligated to let you guys on this. Admittedly, I do not know what is there to achieve jailbreaking a limited functionality piece of wearable, but in case you want to do it, you will be glad a solution could be available in near future, well, possibly… At the recent Def Con 25, hacker Max Bazaliy of the Fried Apple has demonstrated a jailbreak on an Apple Watch running on watchOS 3. According to Bazaliy, a jailbroken Apple Watch will let you in on the “sensitive data related to call records, health data, messages, emails, GPS location, Calendar entries, photos and more.”

Interestingly, a jailbroken Apple Watch also open up access to SSH which means there is a possibility of remotely accessing the system files of the smartwatch. With SSH connections at user’s disposal, users (who know what they are doing obviously) may very well have the liberty to modify the system files. I don’t know. It has been a while I last jailbroken an iPhone and so, to me, the only benefit that derive from jailbreaking is accessing apps that are frown upon by Apple and also getting more free paid apps (oops, I said it!). Jailbreak to me also means the ability to theme the otherwise monotonous iOS. The latter is, of course, a little on the frivolous end and I doubt it would be driving force behind jailbreaking Apple Watch.

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Anywho, my thought is, is it even necessary to jailbreak an Apple Watch? For geeks who want to tinker with the hidden data, perhaps, but for the general users, the benefits seem non-existence since Apple Watch in itself is a fairly capable device (read: it does what it supposed to do). Furthermore, with the dedicated App Store, nothing is stopping developers from leveraging on the powerful hardware and software the device has to offer to, you know, turn out whatever app they have in mind. So jailbreaking Apple Watch is probably something frivolous, really, and it is probably more for the cat in all of us. You can catch the entire talk over HERE.

Source: Wccftech.