Finally, Apple Watch Jailbroken, But The Question Is: Is It Necessary?

We usually don’t post this stuff, but since this is the first, we felt obligated to let you guys on this. Admittedly, I do not know what is there to achieve jailbreaking a limited functionality piece of wearable, but in case you want to do it, you will be glad a solution could be available […]

This Is How You Can Test Drive MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar On Your Mac

We picked up this news three weeks ago but we thought it wouldn’t matter cos’ Mac users are unlikely to be skeptical about the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Fact is, everyone, Mac users or not, has the right to be skeptical. I mean, we are talking about removing the entire row of function keys […]

Someone Puts Amazon Alexa Into Big Mouth Billy Bass And Future Is Written

You know what was the weirdest thing on Internet this week? A talking fish. Ok. It is not a real fish, but that does not make it any less weird. According to The Verge, a developer by the name of Brian Kane pulled off a hack that turn Big Mouth Billy Bass from a singing […]

This Homemade Pokéball Will Wiggles When Its Near A Rare Pokémon

If you play Pokémon Go, you will know the frustration of missing out those adorable creatures when it appears around you, more so if it is a rare Pokémon. In order not to miss anything, you need to be holding the device in your hand and staring at the screen always, which is exactly what […]

This Phone Charger Is Actually A Wireless Keystroke Logger. Yikes!

Well, next time you see an unclaimed phone charger plugged to a wall outlet, you better be suspicious. Very, very suspicious because it might be a high-tech spy device that’s rigged to snoop out your password. So yes. It is a keystroke logger, but not that kind that you used to know that need to […]

This Hobbit Sting Sword Grows Blue When It Detects An Unsecured WiFi

As cool as Bilbo Baggins‘ Sting sword is, it will never see real life application outside of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Even if the sword was actually available, I am sure you won’t want to be carrying around because, who knows? You may end up unraveling some Orcs disguised as human roaming the streets of New […]