kinect-hack: swim the web instead of surfing the web

SwimBrowser demo screenshot 544x408px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

kinetic must be the favorite among hackers. i mean its motion sensing technology has huge potential (other than gaming…) and this one is called the SwimBrowser which is a natural interaction web browser made for the 2011 PrimeSense/OpenNI developer challenge. its a weird name but it does garner attention after all. in anyway, user browses the net by motion similar to swimming strokes, hence the name SwimBrowser – swimming googles is optional.
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interesting concept but not entirely practical. frankly, it will pretty much wear me out fairly quickly, besides i’m not a big fan of swimming. nevertheless, its a good start and you know how it is, one development might just leads to another – i say, its for the better of mankind. check out the video of the SwimBrowser in action below.

via Kotaku