Microsoft Gave Kinect Some New Tech, Turns It Into a Cloud-powered Device

Nearly a decade ago, Microsoft Kinect to enable motion-controlled gaming on its Xbox 360 video game control that despite being quite a piece of tech, it was met with lukewarm reception. However, the lack of success was not because it wasn’t useful. In fact, it is a powerful device as researchers and tinkerers around the …

Board of Awesomeness – Gesture Control Skateboard

you heard about powered skateboards? they are awesome, but there’s one thing that still stands between you and the board, and that’s the required remote that controls the forward speed and stopping action. remote wired or not, can pose some inconvenience, like what if the remote falls out of your hand? not pretty, we must say. however…

Kinect Ubi Software Touchscreen

fancy turning any surface, walls included, into a touchscreen? well, here’s the good news: it is not science friction anymore. with the ‘right equipment’, Ubi Interactive’s software can make your fantasy becomes a reality now. there are three (or four, if you don’t already have a Windows 8-loaded PC) things you need to realize this dream:

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