Nearly a decade ago, Microsoft Kinect to enable motion-controlled gaming on its Xbox 360 video game control that despite being quite a piece of tech, it was met with lukewarm reception. However, the lack of success was not because it wasn’t useful. In fact, it is a powerful device as researchers and tinkerers around the world had found some interesting practical use of the device and it includes enable browsing the Internet with swimming motion, controlling a robot, and enable a quadcopter to fly autonomously – just to name a few.

Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

Microsoft must have taken those cues and thought that its Kinect has better use than video games. The software giant has shrunk the hardware down and updated it with a few new tech for business use. The Redmond tech company is calling it, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK.

“The Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit that combines our industry-leading AI sensors in a single device. At its core is the time-of-flight depth sensor we developed for HoloLens 2, high-def RGB camera and a 7-microphone circular array that will enable development of advanced computer vision and speech solutions with Azure. It enables solutions that don’t just sense but understand the world — people, places, things around it. A good example of such a solution in the healthcare space is Ocuvera, which is using this technology to prevent patients from falling in hospitals. Every year in the U.S. alone, over 1 million hospital patients fall each year, and 11,000 of those falls are fatal. With Azure Kinect, the environmental precursors to a fall can be determined and a nurse notified to get to patients before they fall.”

Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

In addition, the gaming peripheral-turn-business hardware is also outfitted with a 12 MP RGB camera, as well as a 1 MP depth camera, and it will be powered by the Cloud and used for AI purposes. I guess not all failures are bad. At least, in the case of Microsoft Kinect, its failure lead to something even bigger and if I may say, purposeful.

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Microsoft Azure Kinect DK is available to the U.S. and China for the start, and it is available for pre-order today at $399.

Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

All images courtesy of Microsoft.

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