EOL maglev train concept: the future of mass rapid transit

EOL Maglev Train Concept main 544px
(image credit: Vanja Valencak)

maglev concept isn’t new but one that looks this gorgeous in the form of a mass rapid transit system is few and far between. dreamt up by designer Vanja Valencak, the EOL maglev train concept uses magnetic for levitation and propulsion – propelling this sleek mass transportation of the future to an excess of 480 km/h. the concept train’s solar panel roofing and its magnetic technology provides this mass transportation system with a sustainable solution too. it all sound so sweet, even though the interior space appears to be more claustrophobic to our liking. it’s even more sweeter to see the mock-up images, speaking of which, you can check them out below.
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EOL Maglev Train Concept - front view 600px EOL Maglev Train Concept - angled front view 600px EOL Maglev Train Concept - seating 600px EOL Maglev Train Concept - interior 600px EOL Maglev Train Concept - top and side views 600px

via Yanko Design

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