China’s Newest Maglev Train Prototype Is A 600 Km/h Speed Demon

The future of short-mid range travel is not by air. Elon Musk himself acknowledges this fact and even pitched the idea of Hyperloop system. China knew very well of this fact too which explains the country’s obsession with rail network with astounding speeds. The latest is this: a magnetic levitation (Maglev) train prototype unveiled by […]

Hello Kitty Shinkansen To Arrive On June 30, Interior Unveiled

Remember the Hello Kitty-themed Shinkansen? Well, the latest words are, it will be departing starting June 30, 2018. Back in March, we only get a glimpse of the exterior, which kind leaves fans high and dry, but last week, JR West (West Japan Railway Co.) has unveiled what the mouthless cat-themed bullet train’s interior will […]

JR West Shinkansen Will Sport Hello Kitty Design For This Summer

There is no secret that the mouthless kitty, Hello Kitty, is huge in Japan. Notwithstanding its status as a cartoon character, the pop culture icon has been seen in places outside of cartoon series and prints. Her appearance ranges from hotel to video game to even tires, and now, it is set to appear on […]

Stoosbahn In Switzerland Is The World’s Steepest Funicular Railway

Staking claim as the world’s steepest funicular railway is the Stoosbahn, a rail transportation system that lies on the steep incline of the picturesque canton of Schwyz, connecting the Hintere Schlattili in the municipality of Schwyz with the village and mountain resort of Stoos, above Morschach in Switzerland. Stretching some 1,738 meters (5,702 feet), this […]

China’s 2nd Domestically-developed Maglev Train Goes On Trial Operation

The idea of Magnetic Levitation, or Maglev, train system is to eliminate friction so that it can go faster in a more efficient manner, but that does not appear to be the case in China’s newest homegrown Maglev system that kicks into trial operation last week. Train enthusiasts can probably tell from the head carriage […]

This Is The World’s First Rail-less Train And We Think It Is A Brilliant Idea!

A train is defined as “a connected line of railroad cars with or without a locomotive” (ref: Merriam-Webster) and so, if a ’train’ that does not run on physical rail or track, does it qualify it as a train, or even as a tram? That is probably debatable. Anywho, that was the question I had […]

Japanese Architect Proposed Trains That Disappear Into The Environment

Trains are a common sight in Japan and folks have grown accustomed to them, but what if your eyes need not be assaulted by a chain of fast-moving, bright colored boxes? Well, at least, that’s what architect Kazuyo Sejima has envisioned. Sejima, who is essentially one-half of Pritzker-winning studio SANAA, was picked by Japan’s Seibu […]