Japan was once the leader in train technology. Its metro was pretty advanced for its time but it has since been left behind. Its metro trains still have traditional paper-based advertisements and those annoying paper ads that hang from the overhead handrails. But that is set to change soon with a different kind of train.

Osaka Metro 400 Series Train
Damn. It’s a pretty-looking front!

Folks, meet the Osaka Metro 400 series train. The new train will rock 21.5-inch LCD displays above the doors of the train for disseminating information in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean).

Though the 400 series is designed to be operated by a human driver, the autonomous operation is also in the pipeline.

Anywho, the design of the new 400 series train has garnered quite some attention due to a front end which some said resembles a spaceship. It is indeed quite sleek and I do agree with Master Blaster of Soranews24 that the front end does look a little like the front of a TIE Fighter.

Osaka Metro 400 Series Train
Apparently, side benches will remain but some cars will have front and rear-facing seats.

The spotlight is not reserved for the exterior, however; the inside also gets a redesign too. The interior will go with a front and rear-facing seat as opposed to today’s norm of bench seating along the sides.

LED lights bathe the interior, offering a warmer and more welcoming feel. In addition, the cars will have WiFi while the lead car will be rocking a mobile power supply with a handful of outlets for commuters to charge their devices.

The new trains will be installed with air purification systems that will deodorize and sterilize the air in the cabin as well as security cameras. The latter is something that can only happen in Asia countries where people are more concerned about security over privacy when in public places.

Osaka Metro 400 Series Train

Osaka Metro said the train will go into production in 2022, with the first trains expected to be put into service in April 2023 along the Chuo line.

The new train is part of Osaka Metro’s offer as the “face of Osaka” which the train operator hopes will contribute to the success of the World Expo 2025, in Osaka.

23 400 series will be put into service, each having 6 cars. In addition, a new 3000A series will be introduced to cope with the forecasted increase in demand running up to and during the Expo period.

The 3000A series will be diverted to the Tanimachi Line after the Expo. The 3000A will start plying the line starting in July 2022.

Images: Osaka Metro [JP].

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