normally, we aren’t so hyped up about concept truck but this particular example, the Ford Atlas Concept Truck, served up by American automaker Ford at the Detroit Auto Show somehow managed to tickle our senses. perhaps it is because the Atlas look quite convincingly ‘this world’ that it might just be a reality after all. the question is just “when?” as with most concepts, engine details remain elusive (or undecided) except for the fact that it will feature the next-gen EcoBoost powertrain and an intelligent Start-Stop engine shutoff technology. other highlights include active grille shutters that stay open when extra cooling of the engine is required but stay shut to improve aerodynamics when cruising, active wheel shutters that basically does the same as the grille but targeted more for improved aerodynamics, advanced LED head- and tail lamps, drop-down front air dam that deploys at high speed for improve underbody airflow and stow away for the extra ground clearance at low speed, power running boards extends to allow passengers ease of access into the cabin and retracts for, again, improve aero, a 360-degree point-of-view camera aid driver in positioning the vehicle in tight spaces, LED cargo box and side mirror lighting, hidden cargo ramps for assist in loading of wheeled items onto the bed, dual-purpose tailgate step and cargo cradle for lifting and holding extra-long cargos, dynamic hitch assist removes the guesswork out of hitching a trailer, while trailer backup assist helps driver to back a trailer with a simple twist of a knob. if you ask me, we’d say these are all real world, right here, right now technologies that we could see implemented in trucks in a year or so. whether will it be called an Atlas or F-150 remains to be seen. we just envy countries that allow such convenience in a workhorse and still looking this awesome. btw, we thought this is how a pickup truck should look like.


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