i’m Here GPS Tracker

i'm Here GPS Tracker
thinking of tracking everything from your child to your vehicles or even your suitcase? just link this i’m Here GPS Tracker with your smartphone (or desktop computer) with an app and stash this into whatever your need to track – your precious one’s backpack or pockets, your car’s glovebox et cetera – and you are all set to monitor them in real time via your trusty mobile phone or computer. this nifty 3.7cm square device features an integrated SIM that uses the global GSM mobile network to transmit its position and a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer keeps it going for up to 72 hours. when you feel the need to know the whereabouts of the object or person being tracked, just give i’m Here a ping and the app pulls up Google Maps, pinpointing your target’s location or you could save yourself the trouble by having the device keep you informed at preset intervals. it is just that simple and just about any who knows how to use a smartphone will get acquaint with i’m Here GPS Tracker pretty quick. and if black isn’t your cup of tea, there are six other colors for your choosing – though we thought black would fall into the ‘more tactical’ category which should be more suited for its purpose. as for the privacy issues when it comes to tracking human, that’s another story altogether. sales start from May 2013 for just $168.99 a pop. check out a product video after the break.

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