Foldboat – A Foldable Boat

Foldboat - A Foldable Boat
and we thought the Boat Sofa was cool. this Foldboat (i.e. a foldable boat) is a dream come true for those who always wanted a boat for those just-in-case days. the Foldboat sits up to two and is made from a single sheet of plastic where it can remain flatpack for ease of storage and transportation until you need to use. according to its maker, the boat can be folded into a water-worthy vessel (note: we did not say sea-worthy) pretty quickly and can be deploy for leisure days at your local canals and lakes, and it is also totally ideal as an emergency transportation for days when flash flood strikes. its creator mentioned that it could be useful for fisherman, though they probably meant calm local waters instead of the fearsome high seas. the Foldboat comes equipped with a pair of oars and two cushions for the added creature comfort. sweet thinking. honestly, if it doesn’t cost a bomb, we would love to have it. we are not sure if these folks are letting this wonderful watercraft into the market but if you are keen in the Foldboat, perhaps you can touch base with them HERE. do let us know if you managed to secure one and be sure to get some live footage of it in action cos’ we are just so damn curious about it. scroll down for a few more look.

Foldboat via Drool’d

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