when it comes handset protection, OtterBox is not exactly the name to associate with ‘sleek’. their cases are mostly associated with being the ‘workhorse’, trading looks for extreme rugged protection. that’s until the Symmetry series was introduced. it was a huge leap forward for OtterBox who borders the line of being ‘military’ with its rugged and predominately black aesthetic. with the Symmetry series, you get both protection and style, and best of all, no more black boxes to content with. today, OtterBox takes it even further, associating itself with fashion by teaming with Project Runway judge Nina Garcia with the Brazilian Pop!’ Smartphone Cases. available for both iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5, ‘Brazilian Pop!’ sports a colorful, illustration which Otterbox described as “reflecting the movement, exploding with color and patterns.”

OtterBox x Nina Garcia 'Brazilian Pop!' Smartphone Cases

beyond the vibrant hues, the case embodies every bit of the Symmetry series, including serious protection against bumps, shock and scratches with dual material construction, inner material and coring to disperse shock, and raise beveled edge to protect the display – all packed into a sleek, slim form factor. naturally, it is not the slimmest of slim, but going by OtterBox’s standard and the level of protection, it is among the elites. want one? the OtterBox x Nina Garcia ‘Brazilian Pop!’ Smartphone Cases are available to subscribers of Nina Garcia ‘Brazilian Summer #NGQ03’ box and also, for a limited time, on OtterBox web shop for $49.95. click past the fold for a product video to get acquainted with the Symmetry series cases.

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OtterBox x Nina Garcia 'Brazilian Pop!' Smartphone Cases

OtterBox x Nina Garcia 'Brazilian Pop!' Smartphone Cases

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