TalkSocket Is A Nifty Accessory That Lets You Use Alexa Without Unlocking Your Phone

This nifty gadget accessory is for folks who are totally dependent on voice assistant like Alexa and Google Assistant. It is called TalkSocket and as its name kinda of hints, it works with PopSockets to put hands-free experience Alexa and Google Assistant right on the back of your phone – all without the need to […]

Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot Into A Cute Device With This Baby Yoda Stand

There is really not much to the OtterBox Baby Yoda Stand for Amazon Echo Dot then it will make your otherwise bland Amazon Echo Dot looks adorable. Slightly adorable. For those who have already amassed or ordered a bunch of The Child aka Baby Yoda merchandise and collectibles, the OtterBox The Mandalorian: The Child Stand […]

OtterSpot Wireless Charging System Charges Multiple Wireless Charging Pads For On-The-Go Use

Not sure if you remember that, once upon a time, there charging stations that support charging of multiple small devices were the rage in the gadget world. They were the cool tech then. Now, the cool tech accolade should go to the OtterSpot Wireless Charging System. It is the “charging dock” of 2019 and possibly, […]

OtterBox Finally Gave Its Elevation Tumbler A Well-deserved Handle

You may know OtterBox for their water-, shock- and drop-resistant smartphone cases, but the 11-year-old Colorado company actually started out making water-resistant boxes. Simply put, it began its life as outdoor gear company and it still is today. The company recently unveiled a new product in its Elevation Tumbler lineup, called Elevation 14 Mug that […]

OtterBox Lends Its Knowledge Of Tough Boxes To Cooler Box

What has a maker of super tough phone cases do with cooler box? Well, nothing, really, but that does not stop OtterBox from venturing into making coolers that will see to your cool beverages need when out in the great wilderness. Called Venture Coolers, OtterBox has transferred its know-how of tough boxes of protecting gadgets […]

Seek Thermal Can Now Slips Onto The Back Of OtterBox uniVERSE Case

Thermal imaging products maker Seek Thermal has teamed up with manufacturer of tough smartphone case OtterBox to incorporate its iOS thermal imaging modules, Seek Compact and Seek CompactXR for iOS, into OtterBox uniVERSE Case System. The slim case is compatible with a host of swappable modules, including olloclip 4-in-1 lens kit, Polar Pro Pulsar Bluetooth […]

Finally, OtterBox Gets A Touch Of Fashion With The Help Of Nina Garcia

when it comes handset protection, OtterBox is not exactly the name to associate with ‘sleek’. their cases are mostly associated with being the ‘workhorse’, trading looks for extreme rugged protection. that’s until the Symmetry series was introduced. it was a huge leap forward for OtterBox who borders the line of being ‘military’ with its rugged […]