pixelated images are akin to retro fad. it appeals to some, while other remains unperturbed by it. basically, it is either you love it or you feel nothing about the whole pixel thing. no other way, which is good thing when you start wearing the Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses. at least, you know that no psycho will come ripping them off your face just because he or she hates it. made by Finnish firm CNC Design, Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses (officially, without the ‘pixelated’ word) are crafted from one solid piece of high quality laser cut, engraved smoke acrylic. the eyewear sports some not-so-subtle engraved square patterns on the ‘lenses’, presumably, representing pixelation, which appears to be opaque and serves no real functionality.

Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses

it is just acrylic (generally speaking, brittle plastic) and so while it has the ‘look-at-me’ cool factor in it, it does not offer UV protection to your eyes, or at least it wasn’t conveyed in the product page. it will, however, keep the brightness out. also, the edges appear to be pretty pointed, which calls for care when handling them. if you are looking for the cool factor this summer, the Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses might be it and it cost just €22.90 a pair (about US$31).

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p.s. your view from behind the sunglasses will be tinted and not pixelated. just in case you may mistaken it as a pixelate-my-world eyewear.

Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses

Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses

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