Taking a play at how Boston Dynamics’ robots have evolved to be more and more sophisticated, the FX bunch over at Corridor Digital has created a rather ominous video entitled Boston Dynamics: New Robots Fight Back. The video title pretty much says it all. Throughout the course of robotic developments, Boston Dynamics has shown us how its robots can do basic parkour, open doors, do backflips, and subject to minor abused as such being pushed over.

Well, if “abuse” was part of the training of the robots, then perhaps, just perhaps one day, they may “think” enough is enough and they, or in this case, it, will fight back. Thus, fulfilling the fictional prophecy of the rise of the machines. Such is the premise of this ominous yet humorous video. As with every Corridor Digital’s videos, the quality is, well, lets just say that it is way too convincing.

Go ahead and have a look at the 3+ minutes video. It will be 3.31 minutes of your life well spent, I promised. Warning: video contains fake inrobomane scenes.

Image: YouTube (Corridor).

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