Watch A Pack Of Boston Dynamics’ Robo-Dogs Haul A Truck

In an ultimate display of robo-power and possibly, a teaser of what a dystopia robo-apocalypse would look like, Boston Dynamics uploaded a video of a pack of SpotMinis hauling a truck across the company’s parking lot. And mind you, though, the truck wasn’t a pickup truck; it was a full-sized truck. Obviously, the truck’s transmission […]

Boston Dynamics Handle Evolved Into An Ostrich-like Logistic Robot

Like a creepy robot apocalypse film, Boston Dynamics Handle Robot from two years ago has evolved (thankfully, not on its own!). In the original, it was a biped on wheels and had a pair of arms, but now, it has been reimagined into a strange-looking animal-like robot that retains the biped with two wheels configuration, […]

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Bipedal Humanoid Now Does Parkour Too

I am sure we all remember Boston Dynamics Atlas. The humanoid robot that is capable of letting itself out of the door and take a stroll around the grassy compound. Since its introduction two years ago, Atlas has advanced to be able to pull of back flip and now, it does parkour too. Obviously, dear […]

Jeff Bezos Tweeted A Picture Of Himself Walking A Robotic Dog

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, tweeted an image of him walking a robotic dog with a comment “taking my new dog for a walk at the MARS2018 conference.” If you don’t already know, the robot dog is the same famous nightmare-inducing, robotic canine, SpotMini, that has been seen opening door to let itself out. […]

Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robotic Dog Now Knows How To Open Doors

Just when we thought Boston Dynamics had made SpotMini robotic dog a little less creepy, the team gave its hand back and enabled it with the ability to open doors. Wait, what? Yes. Dear little SpotMini now can let itself out, or in, and that’s kind of creepy. If you think it is not creepy, […]

Boston Dynamics Atlas Now Does Back flip While Some Humans Still Can’t

Remember ATLAS? The bipedal robot from Boston Dynamics that exhibited incredible bipedal mobility? Well, it has learned new skills since. In addition to picking up things, resisting push over, and getting back up when it happens to fall over, it now adds the ability to jump on to boxes of variety of heights, jumping from […]

We Are Glad To Say The Boston Dynamics Updated SpotMini Robotic Dog Is Less Creepier Now

Remember the now Softbank-owned Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini? The nightmare-inducing robotic dog designed for home and office environments? Of course you do. Who can forget that creepy thing, right? Well, apparently, it has got an update and we are glad to say that the new SpotMini is now a lot less creepy than when we first […]

Official Footage Of Boston Dynamics’ New Wheeled Biped Robot, Handle

Last month, we saw the supposed leaked video of the newest Boston Dynamics’ robot, Handle, and today, we are treated to an official footage and a little technical bits of this nightmare-inducing robot. That said, we shan’t repeat ourselves; instead we will fill you in with some of the ‘missing details’, including some technicalities. Actually, […]

‘Leaked’ Boston Dynamics Video Shows New Nightmare-certified Robot

In an unspecified presentation recently, Boston Dynamics presented the various robots they had in their arsenal. Among the familiar robots like the robotic dog SpotMini, was something new to us. A robotic creation that we have never seen before. This never-been-seen robot, named Handle, was showed in an apparent ‘leaked’ video which appears to be […]

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini Robot Dog With Arm Gives Us The Creeps

Remember Boston Dynamics’ Spot? The robotic ‘dog’ that refuses to be kicked over? Well, it has a junior now. Obviously, it can’t actually give birth to one, but the roboticists over at Boston Dynamics has created a smaller, fully electrical-powered version that’s quieter which makes it more suited as a pet. Wait, I mean to […]