Boston Dynamics Robots Dancing To A 60s Tune Was The Best Thing To Happen In 2020

If you haven’t been keeping up with Boston Dynamics’ development… Hyundai has, earlier this month, became the third owner of the company. Also, the agility of the family of robots from the robotic company, namely Atlas, Spot and Handle, is mind-blowing.

You Heard It Is Going To Be Available, Now You Can Finally Buy Spot Robot Dog For US$74K

You saw Adam Savage made it do rickshaw duty. You have seen it patrolling the park of Singapore to keep social distancing in check and you have seen it worked as a pack to haul a truck. And now, it is finally available for sale.

Adam Savage Built A Steampunk Rickshaw For Boston Dynamics’ Spot To Haul Him Around

Since the development and subsequently the commercial availability of Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, Spot, the question has been” “what can it really can do?” Well, today (or more correctly, February 13) the question has been answered by maker extraordinaire/TV personality Adam Savage.

Boston Dynamics Is Ready To Sell You A Robot Dog That Is Way More Useful Than Aibo

Robot dog is here to help in your work. How? I don’t know. That’s for you to figure out. I am just letting you know that if you need a robot dog that is built with industrial use in mind, Boston Dynamics is finally ready to sell you its Spot, the headless robot dog.

Watch A Pack Of Boston Dynamics’ Robo-Dogs Haul A Truck

In an ultimate display of robo-power and possibly, a teaser of what a dystopia robo-apocalypse would look like, Boston Dynamics uploaded a video of a pack of SpotMinis hauling a truck across the company’s parking lot. And mind you, though, the truck wasn’t a pickup truck; it was a full-sized truck. Obviously, the truck’s transmission […]

Boston Dynamics Handle Evolved Into An Ostrich-like Logistic Robot

Like a creepy robot apocalypse film, Boston Dynamics Handle Robot from two years ago has evolved (thankfully, not on its own!). In the original, it was a biped on wheels and had a pair of arms, but now, it has been reimagined into a strange-looking animal-like robot that retains the biped with two wheels configuration, […]

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Bipedal Humanoid Now Does Parkour Too

I am sure we all remember Boston Dynamics Atlas. The humanoid robot that is capable of letting itself out of the door and take a stroll around the grassy compound. Since its introduction two years ago, Atlas has advanced to be able to pull of back flip and now, it does parkour too. Obviously, dear […]

Jeff Bezos Tweeted A Picture Of Himself Walking A Robotic Dog

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, tweeted an image of him walking a robotic dog with a comment “taking my new dog for a walk at the MARS2018 conference.” If you don’t already know, the robot dog is the same famous nightmare-inducing, robotic canine, SpotMini, that has been seen opening door to let itself out. […]