Boston Dynamics’ bipedal humanoid robot, Atlas, is destined to be the next big (robot) thing after Spot. Atlas is even more capable now after letting itself out of the door.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robots Parkour Routine

Boston Dynamics Atlas is now capable of the entire parkour routine, combining backflip and previous parkour moves like hopping up steps, to clear an obstacle course that includes an American Ninja Warrior-style quintuple steps.

A video was posted last week, featuring two Atlas humanoid robots demonstrating their ability to maintain their balance throughout the routine which involves jumps, balance beams, and even vaulting.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robots Parkour Routine

The premise of this demonstration, and the development of Atlas in general, is to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence, said Boston Dynamics. After completing the course, each robot proceeds to perform a victory emote too.

Skip ahead and have a look at the video.

Images: YouTube (Boston Dynamics).

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