Boston Dynamics Atlas More Parkour

After showing off it is capable of pulling off back flip and executing parkour maneuvers, Boston Dynamics’ bipedal humanoid, Atlas, recently showed that it can do more parkour.

In video posted by the SoftBank Group-owned robotic company on YouTube, entitled “More Parkour Atlas”, the bipedal robot executed a sequence of maneuvers, utilizing its whole body – legs, arms, torso and all.

While it actually did that, it wasn’t quite “more parkour” like the video titled it; it is more like a gymnastic routine worthy of the Olympics games, really. It is impressive nonetheless.

Perhaps, what’s most impressive was how smooth the routine was executed and that alone, was quite some feat.

Well, who knows? In future, robots might be competing with human gymnasts for the medals in gymnastic competitions.

Coming soon to a theater near you: Steel Gymnast. See how a humanoid brave the odds to become the world’s first humanoid gymnast champion. Just kidding. That’s totally made up. It is not happening, or will it? *cue Twilight Zone open theme music*

Seriously, though, we will never know, whether in movies or in real life. Anywho, skip ahead for the said video.

Image: YouTube (BostonDynamics).