While some companies opt to bring the supermarket to you and some even went to the extend of eliminating the entire checkout process with a grocery store designed from the ground up, retail technology company Caper, Inc. improves on the current system with tech.

The result is Caper Smart Cart, a smart shopping cart that negates the checkout line completely. The Smart Cart is essentially a push along self checkout, complete with a touchscreen display and payment terminal.

The cart is outfitted with sensors to recognize exactly what you have placed in the cart without you doing anything except for placing the products in a seemingly regular cart. It is capable of sensing weight too for items that charges by weight.

Caper Smart Shopping Cart

In addition to identifying and logging what you have placed inside it, it can also recommend deals as you past certain area of the supermarket.

That’s not all. It even does recipe recommendations too, letting you in on the ingredients required and showing where the respective materials are with an in-store map, thus saving you the aimless search.

And when you are done with the shopping, all you have do is pay and voila!, you are good to leave. No fuss. No lining up.

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It may sounds like a fantasy technology, but it is not. Caper Smart Cart is already deployed with New York-based Foodcellar & Co. and it just went live at the Sobeys’ 41,000 sq.ft Glen Abbey location in Oakville, Ontario.

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