Sound bar, streaming media player, set top box, and more are just cluttering up your TV console, aren’t they? But with the Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition you’d be getting rid of at least one of them.

With it, you can let go of your streaming media player and who knows, with Amazon Fire TV, you probably can tell you cable service to suck it too. And that’s another gadget gone from your living for good.

Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition

Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition is the first soundbar to fully integrate the Fire TV experience, offering not only a boost in audio in your flat screen TV, but also more entertainment options.

The soundbar features 2.1 channel cinematic sound, 2 drivers and 2 separate upward-firing sub-woofers (plus 2 bass reflex ports) that yielded a total of 100W output, and 4K HDR support.

Each soundbar is accompanied with an Alexa-enabled voice remote because, physically pressing buttons is so yesterday.

It is not the first soundbar to integrated streaming services, though. TCL already took the flag as the first with TCL Roku Smart Soundbar last year, but it is right to say it is the first soundbar to integrate Amazon Fire TV.

If you are keen, you can pick up the Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition from Amazon starting today for $229.99.

Images: Anker/Nebula.

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