TCL Roku Smart Soundbar with Roku Entertainment Assistant

We all know what a sound bar is. But we do not know is, there is an entirely new category of sound bar unveiled by TCL at this year’s CES. This year, sound bar is going smart. You know, like how TV turned smart previously. Teaming up with steaming player maker Roku to introduce a new smart sound bar called, well, TCL Roku Smart Soundbar, duh. The sound bar is also known as TCL Alto Smart Soundbar with Roku Entertainment Assistant, according to TCL official website. Anyways, as far as look concerned, the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar is smart looking too.

TCL Roku Smart Soundbar with Roku Entertainment Assistant

Not only is it here to give your TV a bump in the sound department, it also leverages on Roku Connect to connect to other AV devices (such as smart speakers within the Roku ecosystem), and of course, it will, by the virtue of Roku Entertainment Assistant, lets you use voice controls to do things like launch podcasts, playlists, movies and TV shows. If you don’t already know, Roku Entertainment Assistant is much like Amazon Alexa, but instead of doing it all like dear Alexa, it is a voice-activated assistant that is tailored specifically for home entertainment.

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In addition to the aforementioned, it can, for example, turn on a TCL Roku TV when you command it to launch a video content or stream audio even when the TV is in its off state. Moreover, you will be able to use voice to play, pause and resume music, search and explore the large selection of entertainment. It will work on any TV, but naturally, TCL would want you to complete the experience with TCL Roku TVs. Look out for it in the later part of 2018. In the meantime, TCL will be showing off the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar with Roku Entertainment Assistant, along with its 2018 TV lineup, at the CES 2018. You can find TCL at booth #12929, located in Central Hall in LVCC.

Images: TCL.