today’s context of instant gratification is more than just instant print photography; we, like most connected earthlings, have the compulsive urge to share, and this is where The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is going to fill the void as left by the traditional instant camera and digital camera. The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera isn’t the newest new, but this CES, Polaroid has taken this opportunity to announce that this Socialmatic camera will finally be available this year. the camera is fitted with two cameras: a 14MP front-facing shooter with LED flash and a 2MP rear-facing item, and you can choose either to print out the image on 2×3 inch full-color adhesive-back ZINK or share it on social media websites via the camera’s built-in WiFi. however, if WiFi isn’t available, you can linked up with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enable instant sharing.

composing of image, menu navigation and sharing are executed through the 4.5″ touchscreen LCD display which has Android interface for “ease of use”. it has a modest 4GB of internal storage, but that’s expandable via micro SD card. additionally, the images taken can be touched up, edited, and even throw in some clip art, icons, or text before printing or sharing on the social network sites. The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is expected to available this Fall and as for the price, we are not sure if the previously announced price tag of $299 still stands. but Fall is still long way ahead of us, so you still have plenty of time to beef up your piggy bank.

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The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

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