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Polaroid Pop Shoots, Print In 3×4” Format, Print For Other Devices Too

Polaroid has a new instant digital camera and it is called Pop. So what’s makes Pop pops? First and obviously, it makes instant print, courtesy of an integrated printer that uses ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology and second, it prints in the iconic 3×4” format with the Polaroid Classic Border Logo, giving you the familiar 3.5×4.25” print. Now, that’s freaking awesome! Unfortunately, it does not get the classic look; instead, it gets a contemporary form factor in a fun two tone color with a contrasting iconic red shutter button (designed with renowned design studio Ammunition). Continue reading Polaroid Pop Shoots, Print In 3×4” Format, Print For Other Devices Too

The Impossible Project’s First Instant Camera Can Be Controlled With An App

Good news, fans of instant photography. The Impossible Project’s first instant camera is official. The I-1, as it is called, brings together best of two worlds: the world of good’ol analog instant camera and the world of digital controls. Sporting a design unlike what you may have seen, this odd-shape camera could be described as a pyramid sitting atop of an instant photo printer. Despite our rather crude take, it does look rather pretty, though we wouldn’t call it sleek. On the ‘pyramid’ thingy is where you will find the viewfinder, the control knob and the lens setup surrounded by an array of LED that serves as a ring flash that automatically adjusts the strength and brightness based on the ambient light and the focus distance at the point of the shoot. Continue reading The Impossible Project’s First Instant Camera Can Be Controlled With An App

Prynt Case Wants to Turn Your Smartphone into an Instant Camera

Instant photography is all the rage now and when you think of instant prints, you probably think of three things: Polaroid, Fuji Instax and last but not the least, portable photo printers. But, what if you could pull the Polaroid instant photography trick right off your Android or iOS device? Well, that’s what exactly a French startup Prynt wants to do: turn your regular smartphone into an instant camera. It does so by integrating an instant photo printer into a smartphone case. The product, simply dubbed Prynt Case, connects with your mobile device via physical connector built into the case, so all you have to do is plug your device into the case, take a photo, and voila! instant print, anytime, anywhere. There is no doubt that Prynt Case is essentially a photo printer stuck to back of your phone, but though so, you’re not limited to freshly captured images; you can also print images on your Facebook or Instagram, for examples. Continue reading Prynt Case Wants to Turn Your Smartphone into an Instant Camera

This Instant Camera Lets You Take Multiple Exposures And Infinite Long Exposures

until now, instant photography and lo-fi photography remains as two largely separate worlds, but with Lomography’s latest venture, The Lomo’Instant Camera, it merges the two, offering you the instant gratification with doses of lo-fi photography that Lomography has carved a name for itself. expect to add color filters, take brilliant multiple exposures and long exposures, add Fisheye effects and more, and seeing your work of art appear almost instantly on standard Fujifilm Instax mini film. the camera comes with a built-in wide angle lens boosting 0.4m closest focusing distance, but there are also Fisheye and Portrait lens attachment to further expand your creativity. it has a built-in flash, allowing for auto-flash, as well as manual shooting modes with flash or without flash. Continue reading This Instant Camera Lets You Take Multiple Exposures And Infinite Long Exposures

The BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit

there are three worlds in photography. the first is the digital world, where you get instant gratification in the form of previews. then there is the instant print realm, where you get instant print for instant gratification, and last but not the least, there’s the anti-instant gratification photography in the form of analog photography. among the three worlds, there exists a few in-betweens and the BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit is one of them. what it does is as straightforward as the product name is: it turns your BELAIR X 6-12 camera into an instant camera, compatible with Fuji Instax Wide Film. Continue reading The BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit

The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

today’s context of instant gratification is more than just instant print photography; we, like most connected earthlings, have the compulsive urge to share, and this is where The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is going to fill the void as left by the traditional instant camera and digital camera. The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera isn’t the newest new, but this CES, Polaroid has taken this opportunity to announce that this Socialmatic camera will finally be available this year. the camera is fitted with two cameras: a 14MP front-facing shooter with LED flash and a 2MP rear-facing item, and you can choose either to print out the image on 2×3 inch full-color adhesive-back ZINK or share it on social media websites via the camera’s built-in WiFi. however, if WiFi isn’t available, you can linked up with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enable instant sharing. Continue reading The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

personally, i think the Instax Mini is kind of a girl thing. why? because of its cute hardware design, and not to mention the cute little instax paper that it turns out. don’t get me wrong; i, like most geeks, love some occasional dose of instant photography, but the adorable camera just makes me cringe. don’t blame me; cute is never good for gadget as far as i am concerned. fortunately for those who don’t wish to feel any less of a man holding up an Instax Mini, FUJIFILM is rolling out the retro-styled Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic takes on styling cues as seen from recent spade of retro-styled FUJIFILM digital cameras like the X-M1 and the X100S. Continue reading FUJIFILM Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Diana Instant Back+

Diana Instant Back+
Diana Instant Back+ | €79.00 | www.lomography.com

long before digital cameras, the only instant gratification you will get from analog photography is through Polaroid cameras. however, Polaroid can’t offer you the artistically soft-focus and lo-fi images that cameras such as the Diana F+ offers. fortunately, with the Diana Instant Back+, you can now have the best of both worlds: the surrealistic imageries of the Diana+ with the instant gratification of the… well, instant photography. don’t you feel great now that you can actually have your cake and still eat it whole? Continue reading Diana Instant Back+

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera
Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera | US$159.99 | www.polaroid.com

when was the last time you visit your local photoshop to get your photos printed? probably never. since the digital revolution began and the availability of (near) dirt cheap photo printers, visiting photoshop has become more a hassle than anything else. well, if hooking up your camera for a print right at your home also proves be a nuisance, then the Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera is what you really need. it does what most regular digital cameras do like capturing digital stills and HD video recording but with the added bonus of instant print. Continue reading Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Instagram Socialmatic Camera
(photos: ADR Studio) Instagram Socialmatic Camera | US$tba | www.adr-studio.it

if you don’t already know, Instagram turns out to be a huge phenomenon in recent time and it literally steps into the limelight when Facebook splurged nearly a billion to own it. now that Instagram is getting all the right attention, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to make an Instagram-dedicated camera? well, unfortunately there is none right now but this concept by Italy-based design house ADR Studio, aptly dubbed Instagram Socialmatic Camera, will certainly have any true-blooded Instagrammers drooling all over. heck, we couldn’t even withhold our own drool! Continue reading Instagram Socialmatic Camera