Polaroid x Keith Haring Now Camera

Even if do not know Keith Haring by name, I am pretty sure you have seen the artist’s works more than a few times in your lifetime. You could have seen it on the subway walls, or some merchandises in the market. Haring’s works are practically everywhere.

Polaroid x Keith Haring Now Camera

That said, the artist’s signature motifs have been used in many places and on many products, now including on a Polaroid camera. Folks, this is the Polaroid x Keith Haring Now Camera.

For some reasons, we feel good about this collaboration. Almost as much as the Polaroid collab with Stranger Things. Perhaps, it is the retro vibe associated with both names. Or perhaps it was the part red, part Haring’s motifs aesthetic?

Polaroid x Keith Haring Now Camera

Anyways, the Polaroid x Keith Haring Now Camera just feels and looks awesome. This collab is not just the Keith Haring-branded instant snapper; there’s a Haring co-branded Polaroid I-Type instant film too. Not going to lie, I am sold.

As far as the hardware goes, it features an autofocus 2-lens system, built-in double exposure, self-timer, “accurate flash”, built-in rechargeable battery and a polycarbonate and ABS construction.

The Polaroid x Keith Haring Now Camera and i-Type Instant Film are available now for US$119.99 and US$17.99, respectively.

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If you so desire, you may want to pick up the Polaroid Now Keith Haring Edition Starter Set for US$169.99.

Images: Polaroid.