I find myself wanting the new Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition and I am not even a huge fan of the Netflix sci-fi series. That’s right. Fans of Stranger Things, Polaroid has announced that it has given its OneStep 2 I-Type instant camera a Stranger Things makeover. The classic black and white colorway of the OneStep 2 made way for a navy blue hue, accented by a red lens ring, and the branding and text given the Upside Down treatment because, Stranger Things.

Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition

Beyond the cosmetics, the Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition is pretty much the OneStep 2 you have come to know. Y’know, stuff like high-quality fixed-focus lens, a long lasting 60-day rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a USB port for charging, self-timer function, and compatibility with all styles of 600 and i-Type films.

Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition

Like the original, it does have an integrated flash, but this one, according to Polaroid, was supposedly developed by “Hawkins National Laboratory” – the fictional federal complex located in Hawkins, Indiana in the series – that is extra bright and powerful to kill monsters. Nah. It’s probably just the same flash as the original and it obviously won’t kill monsters.

Along with the Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition, Polaroid Originals has also released collectable special edition film with each pack of 8 features 16 graphic design prints based on the, well, Stranger Things, of course. This collaboration between Polaroid Originals and Stranger Things shouldn’t come as a surprise since the retro Polaroid cameras did make the appearance throughout the series. Except that those weren’t as dope as this real world limited edition version.

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Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition is available as of today on Polaroid Originals website going for $109.99 a pop and the special edition Stranger Things is priced at $16.99.

All images courtesy of Polaroid.

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