whether you are using a wired earpiece or Bluetooth headset, it is still never considered truly handsfree if your hands (or hand) has to hold on to the phone. at least not until you have the Vyne handsfree smartphone stand. constructed of flexible elastomer neck with a hard plastic clip on one end, the Vyne is designed for viewing media or do your video calls for extended period of time while keeping your hands completely free, thus allowing for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. being of flexible band, it offers a couple of ways in which the Vyne could be used. the most interesting would be clipping your smartphone (iPhone or similar sized devices) and roll the elastomer band round your neck like a hook and you got yourself a truly handsfree viewing experience. or you could roll it up like a snake ready to pounce and leave it on table and use it like a regular stand. the flexibility also enables it to be easily roll up for storage and transportation without occupying a whole of space in your bag. it looks like the Vyne handsfree smartphone stand is still a concept (or a prototype at best) for now but we noted that it is patent-pending, which could mean that the Vyne might just be a reality soon. in the mean time, you can learn more about the Vyne HERE.

Vyne via Drool’d

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