with the media player or streamer market running of tricks in their bag, what else could makers offer? lower price point, plus maybe a new, sleek UI and a freshen up box design. the new WD TV Play by Western Digital is one such example. announced recently, the WD TV Play now joins the WD TV family of products and offers a new app-based user interface for easy personalization of your entertainment experience and most importantly, this fresh-looking media device will only cost you $69.99 a pop. like any good media player in the market today, the WD TV Play allows you to stream movies, view the latest viral videos, catch up with TV shows and stay connected to social networks via apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, SlingPlayer, Spotify, Pandora and Facebook, just to name a few. of course, it also allows you to access the variety of media stored in your computers or DLNA-enabled network attached storage (NAS), or from any directly connected digital camcorder, camera, or USB storage device. despite being in the affordable (read: entry level) range, the WD TV Player is pretty well-equipped in the interface department, which features both wired and wireless Internet connectivity through WiFi and Ethernet port, USB 2.0, HDMI output, composite AV, as well as optical out for audio. needless to say, it supports up to full HD 1080p streaming and in line with WD TV’s tradition, it supports a myriad of audio, video formats, as well as subtitle standards. click through for a few more product images.

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