Xiaomi Debuts Its First Stick Format Streaming Media Player, Mi TV Stick

Xiaomi has been making and selling streaming media player for as far as I remember. Recently, however, it has stepped up its game with its answer to Amazon Fire Stick and Roku stick. Folks, meet the new Mi TV Stick.

Google Nest Hub Max Packs So Many Tech That It May Give You The Creep

This is Nest Hub Max, the first product from Google’s newly-formed team, Google Nest. It is a smart hub that does pretty much JBL LINK View and Amazon Echo Show does and then some. It packs so many tech in it, that it might give you the creep. Or at least, that’s how I felt. […]

Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Speaker Is An Answer To Amazon Echo Show

Xiaomi has launched its very own display-equipped smart speaker called Xiaoai Smart Speaker, a gadget that we see as an answer to Amazon Echo line of products – in particular the Amazon Echo Show, which has been updated recently, and Echo Spot. It is also an answer to several devices in market, like the LG […]

LG Gets Into The “Smart Display” Game With XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9

Is smart display going to be the next big thing? I don’t know. It could be. Whatever it is, LG is into it too, with a new device called LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display. LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 Smart Display is sort of LG’s take of the recently updated Amazon Echo Show […]

Here Are Some New Gadgets From Amazon For This Holiday Season

September 27 is a big day for online retail giant, Amazon. It was like the Apple Event for Amazon where the company a slew of new gadgets, ready to coax your hard-earned money out of your wallet for this holiday season. A total of six gadgets were announced on this day and it includes a […]

Apple Updates Apple TV With 4K And HDR Support, Announced Apple TV App

If you are a loyal Apple fanatic and wonder why Apple TV does not have support for 4K resolution or High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents to compliment your high-tech 4K/UHD flat screen TV, well, wonder no more because, the Cupertino tech giant has updated its Apple TV with support for both 4K and HDR contents. […]

Amazon Echo Family’s Newest Member Has 7″ Touch Display, Makes Video Calls

Amazon is hatching a plan to take over your lives, or at least make you dependent on it. After unleashing Echo to manage many aspects of your life like turning on/off lights, play music, read news, and even advising on your attire – all by using voice commands, Amazon Echo family now grew to include […]

Dish’s $100 AirTV Player Lets You Watch Local Over-The-Air Channels Too

Set-top box, Apple TV, media player, game console and in some instance, even the good’ol Bluray player, or god forbids, a DVD player, are gadgets one would find stash on the shelves of the TV console of a typical home entertainment buff. Obviously, the result is not impressive, but clutter and this is an area […]

Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick And Fire TV With Voice Remote

The future of gadgets, as it seems, would rely mostly on voice control. Perhaps we are getting lazier which makes hand or fingers movement deem too much of an exertion. Perhaps. Whatever the the reason might be, voice command is the future. Apple’s new Apple TV, which was introduced last September, has voice-enabled remote and […]

New Stuff from Apple: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple TV, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and Apple Watch Hermès

Apple, the once most valuable tech company, has announced a barrage of gadgets during its September event earlier today. The anticipation was for the next-generation iPhone 6 and also the rumored iPad Pro. Well, those two were announced, all right, along with some accessories for the two, an all-new Apple TV, new Apple watch finishes […]