Xiaomi has been making and selling streaming media player for as far as I remember. Recently, however, it has stepped up its game with its answer to Amazon Fire Stick and Roku stick. Folks, meet the new Mi TV Stick.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Streaming Media Player

Truth be told, Mi TV Stick is nothing ground breaking here, really, but it presents as another option for those in the market for a streaming media player. And options are always welcome for consumers. Plus, it is super affordable, having a starting price of just €39.99 (roughly US$47).

Mi TV Stick is powered by Android TV 9.0 and features the Google Assistant and Chromecast built in. It weighs a mere 30g (1 oz!) and measures 92.4 mm (3.6 inches). It so tiny that even the included Bluetooth remote is way bigger than the streaming device. More on the remote in a bit.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Streaming Media Player

While tiny, it packs quite some entertainment punch with features like access to myriad of entertainment options, you know, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the likes, and boasts Dolby and DTS surround sound.

Other details include voice search support, quadcore GPU, 3+2-core GPU, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. The included remote is of typical Mi design. Minimalistic, much like Apple TV’s, but it does come with a few dedicated buttons, including one for Google Assistant, and buttons for quick access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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At €39.99, the Mi TV Stick is an affordable upgrade for TV that has no smart functionality. It is an option among the many options.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Streaming Media Player

Images: Xiaomi.

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