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This Stand Will Make Your iPhone Looks Like A Classic Macintosh, Kind Of

Remember the novel accessory that turn your Apple Watch into a miniature classic Macintosh of sort? Well, the same folks behind it has done it again, this time it wants your iPhone 7, 6 or 6s to masquerade as a classic Macintosh. There’s a catch though. Firstly, it won’t be as convincing or even as cute as the Apple Watch version – due in part to the wide screen of a landscape smartphone, which means it isn’t going to be squarish like the good’ol Mac, and also, access to your buttons are ‘partial’. I mean, you will still have access to the Home button and with some digging, the volume rocker too, but we can’t say the same for the power button which appears to be hidden away. Continue reading This Stand Will Make Your iPhone Looks Like A Classic Macintosh, Kind Of

Beastgrip Turns Smartphone Into A Pro Camera With Multiple Accessories

Life as a pro photographer ain’t an easy one. For one, you have excessive gears to lug along and a good camera itself is usually a pain because of the bulk and weight. With the advancement in mobile image processor, your smartphone is as capable as some cameras but a whole lot less annoying to carry around. There’s one problem though; it is not well equipped to recreate the desire lighting condition, nor is it apt in picking up sound. Even a good DSLR will need a little assistant from sound boom and additional light source. This is where Beastgrip can help. Beastgrip is, as the name implies, a beast among grips made for smartphone photo and videography. Continue reading Beastgrip Turns Smartphone Into A Pro Camera With Multiple Accessories

The New Glif: Tripod Mount For Smartphones Perfected

Obsessed with mobile photography? And why wouldn’t you, given the imaging prowess and the convenience of today’s smartphones has to offer. The days of cumbersome rig is almost over. Well almost because your smartphone isn’t exactly as ergonomic as an actual camera and it is obviously not tripod friendly, and you can’t get ‘professional’ with it due to the lack of mounts for pro accessories like microphone, additional lighting and whatnot. This is where the redesigned Glif tripod mount for smartphones comes into play. The new Glif, also by Studio Neat, addressed the aforementioned struggles of aspiring mobile photographers. Continue reading The New Glif: Tripod Mount For Smartphones Perfected

Why Go For Regular Smartphone Holder When A Reptile Can Do The Job?

Jonathan Tyra of Jonthings is an entrepreneur. However, unlike many entrepreneurs who chose to import and sell stuff like gadget accessories, Jon took on a route less traveled and one that might very well be considered a little Thanko-ish. His first product is made-for-automobile smartphone holder which he named The Claw. The product name is as intriguing as the product itself, which is essentially a smartphone but instead of run-of-the-mill clamp-like contraption that holds your device, it is in the form of a reptilian’s a three-digit claw, stylized to resemble the beastly monstrosity for added realism. What’s more impressive is, each The Claw is molded and casted by hand based on a master which is also sculpted by hand. Continue reading Why Go For Regular Smartphone Holder When A Reptile Can Do The Job?

In-car Mount Goes Smart, Allows You To Locate Your Car Using BT And GPS

There are a slew of in-car phone holders in the market, but Bluejay is not one of the ‘slew’. It goes way beyond just holding your device in a sleek manner (we have to mention that cos’ it is); it is a connected smart mount. Beneath its beautiful form of carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum are electronics that include a hybrid of Bluetooth Smart and GPS to enable the mount to ‘talk’ to your handset. And why does it need to do that? Simple. This allows it to be a beacon that will let you locate your car in a massive carpark when you have problem finding your ride and the presence of Bluetooth means, it could do so even if there isn’t any reception. Continue reading In-car Mount Goes Smart, Allows You To Locate Your Car Using BT And GPS

FreeRide Smartphone Mount Lets You Use Your Smartphone with Any GoPro HERO Mount

If you are into to action shots, chances are, you will have a GoPro camera and its associated mounts. If so, you will be glad to know that there’s the FreeRide Smartphone Mount, which allows you to use your smartphone, any smartphone, with those mounts for times when you prefer smartphone videography over the ‘traditional’ GoPro HERO camera, or want to add smartphone recording into the mix, or utilize your handset as a companion viewfinder. Continue reading FreeRide Smartphone Mount Lets You Use Your Smartphone with Any GoPro HERO Mount

MightyCarma Aura Smart Dock

you don’t need the law to tell you that using your smartphone while driving is extremely dangerous, but if you really must, then you really should consider getting yourself the Aura Smart Dock by MightyCarma. what this ‘smart dock’ does is, it gives your Android smartphone a place to rest and a wireless remote that works in conjunction with an app, allowing you to get directions from Google Maps, texting, take and make calls, and wait for this, shoot a video or snap stills of the road ahead of you, or capture a selfie of yourself driving. seriously, i have no idea why would anyone want to do the latter, but still, it sounds like a lot of fun in the process of being practical. Continue reading MightyCarma Aura Smart Dock

Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount

when you drive, where do you normally place your smartphone? on the dash, windscreen, or in the cupholder? not exactly the ideal spots, are they? Mountek has a better proposition: the Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount. as the product name implies, it is designed to mount into your car’s CD/DVD slot. a two-piece micro blade system expands inside the CD slot with a twist of the knob. the blade does not interfere with your CD slot’s operation (who uses CD these days anyway?) and when locked in place, it stays in place and is secure enough to survive even the bumpiest road. your smartphone or tablet is held on to the mount by a magnetic badge that adheres to the back of your device using a non-permanent adhesive. the badge is incredibly thin, at just 0.55mm, it should fit inside of a smartphone case, or on the inside of devices with removable battery cover. Continue reading Mountek nGroove Snap CD Slot Car Mount

Vyne Handsfree Smartphone Stand

whether you are using a wired earpiece or Bluetooth headset, it is still never considered truly handsfree if your hands (or hand) has to hold on to the phone. at least not until you have the Vyne handsfree smartphone stand. constructed of flexible elastomer neck with a hard plastic clip on one end, the Vyne is designed for viewing media or do your video calls for extended period of time while keeping your hands completely free, thus allowing for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. being of flexible band, it offers a couple of ways in which the Vyne could be used. Continue reading Vyne Handsfree Smartphone Stand

ULTIMA Smartphone Holder [video]

ULTIMA Smartphone Holder
(photos: NKMOS) ULTIMA Smartphone Holder | from US$65.00 | www.nkmos.com

personally, I am not a huge fan of putting a smartphone holder in my car – drink holder, yes but probably no when it comes to smartphone. however, if you find yourself in need of such a gadget accessory but sneers at those cheap plastic-made holder, then help is here. the Ultima (no relation to the popular RPG of the bygone era) smartphone holder is one holder that will appease your style-conscious ego. its aluminum construction makes it a style-sensible choice over those ugly black plastic offerings in the market and it boast an “intuitive holding mechanism” that only requires users to press and hold to insert their smartphone, and vice versa for releasing. it does not bear any measured increments for its sliding mechanism and therefore, it should fit virtually any smartphone accurately and snugly. Continue reading ULTIMA Smartphone Holder