Personally, I am not a fan of having a phone charging cradle in the car. I think it spoils the beautiful interior of the car and makes the car too much like an Uber ride. No offense to Lyft or Uber drivers, though. But the Boltron may just change my mind. May. Boltron, while sounding like Ultron or Voltron, is related to either in anyway. Boltron is a product of a Hong Kong-based gadget maker which aims to solve style conscious drivers’ woes of ugly smartphone charger/holder while promising to be super safe and also adding wireless charging capability to your phone.

Boltron Wireless Charging Cradle for Automobile

So, great. You can keep on driving your trusty EK Civic without switching to newer rides like the KIA Stinger GT that comes with an integrated wireless charging pad. In addition to wireless charging, Boltron boasts a cradle design that is stable, secure and adjustable to fit a variety of devices. A secure fit ensure that your phone won’t pop out even when the car rumbles over rough ground. Using the latest Qi wireless charging technology, Boltron will charge your smartphone at its maximum charging speed possible, thus you’d have a peace of mind that your device will not go run of juice even when you are using it for navigation or whatnot.

Boltron Wireless Charging Cradle for Automobile

Last but not least, Boltron has a built-in alarm function that alerts you with a buzz if you absentmindedly left the phone behind. Now, that last feature there is pretty sweet. Not that I always leave my phone behind, but, you know, it is good to have for those rare times I do forget about my precious. I don’t a Boltron, but from what I see so far, I may have issue with the lone cable running out from the under the cradle. If only it could be concealed, then I would think Boltron would qualify as the perfect smartphone wireless charging holder. Just saying…

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Boltron Wireless Charging Cradle for Automobile

If you are up for it, you may want to consider giving the product a push on Kickstarter by making a monetary pledge. A pledge of 305-384 Hong Kong dollars (about US$39-49), you will secure yourself a unit destined for June 2018 delivery. But that will only realize if the campaign meets its funding goal by end of the campaign period. Keep going for the campaign video.

Boltron Wireless Charging Cradle for Automobile

Boltron Wireless Charging Cradle for Automobile

All images courtesy of Boltron.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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