3D Shower - Shower Head by Duratex S.a.

Duratex’s Shower Head, 3D Shower, Is As Unconventional As It Gets

Duratex is publicly traded Brazilian company that produces wood panels, but it also has a myriad of companies under its wing. Among them is Hydra (no relation to the fictional evil organization in Marvel universe, btw), a company that specializes in bathroom accessories like shower heads and stuff. This radical shower head, called 3D Shower, you see here, is one of their handiwork. Pretty rad, right? The unusual design kind of reminds us of the good old Windows screensaver 3D pipes. Obviously, this thing here won’t animate, but it will be cool if it does. Or maybe not.

3D Shower - Shower Head by Duratex S.a.

Anyways, the design is formed by asymmetrically arranged geometric wefts from which water flows. When look up, 3D Shower offers a sight to behold, but seriously, don’t do it when the is running, alright? That will be stupid. Here’s the official description:

“3D Shower has an unusual and innovative shape, with a design formed by asymmetrically arranged geometric wefts from which water flows. This gives the user an intriguing view from below. The geometric lines create a sensation of modernity and technology. The squares that integrate the product keeps people wondering about the water path. This non-standard design only became possible for manufacturing thanks to 3D printing technology, as the 3D Shower is printed in thermoplastic resin.”

So, yeah. It is so unconventional that it had to be 3D printed and out of thermoplastic resin. I am totally cool with that. I have always hated chrome plastic construction anyways. Now, the question is: how long does it to take to print it? Surely, it is way faster than traditional manufacturing process, right? I am just wondering out loud. So, don’t mind me. It is cool, though. But really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just look at the current lineup of shower heads Hydra has to offer. It is safe to say that unconventional is the norm with the brand. The 3D Shower merely took it a few steps further. And oh, it is also the winner of the IF Gold Award for the year 2018.

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3D Shower - Shower Head by Duratex S.a.

Images: Duratex S.a. via IF World Design Guide.

via Yanko Design.