It is officially a week into October of the Year 2017 and you know what this means. Apart for being the month to drink extra barrels of crisp, golden brew, it is also time to hunt for a calendar. Well, that is, of course, you still insist on an awesome, tangible calendar that will show what kind of person you are made of. Yeah. A calendar does say a lot about you. For example, if you love sexy women calendar (albeit, bizarrely, one with them accompanied by rubber tires), then you are likely to be one who appreciate beauties, or maybe just a person with the fetish for black, round rubber objects. Hey, I am not here to judge. Do what you like, love what you love. And oh, did I hear that you have a huge thing for pizzas? Now, you naughty Michaelangelo, hero (or not) in a hard shell, here’s the calendar of choice for you: Pizza! 2018 Wall Calendar by Universe Publishing.

Pizza! 2018 Wall Calendar by Universe Publishing

Yep. A calendar dedicated in its entirety to yeasted flatbread-based, oven-baked food. For authenticity sake (and the sake of not offending pizza lovers), it comes packaged in a delivery box-like envelope and within are 12 scrumptious pizza images ranging from the classic Margherita to simplistic mozzarella to indulgent pepperoni and meatballs that will make your stomach hungry for a slice every time you check out the dates. Ermmm. Not exactly a good thing, is it? But who cares, right? Cos’ pizza rules! If you have the appetite for some of these hot, cheesy pizza slice, you can pick up one for a meager $12.28 and get ready for rocking pizza-tastic 2018.

Pizza! 2018 Wall Calendar by Universe Publishing

Images: Universe Publishing.

H/T: Geek Alerts.

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