Wooden Hanging Round Spin Perpetual Calendar: It Rotates As Opposed To Flipping

Are you still flipping a calendar? If yes, then you may be interested in a wood new way of flipping calendar, or rather, rotating the calendar. What you see here is a so-called Wooden Hanging Round Spin Perpetual Calendar so by GizModern.

We Got Trippy Looking At This Awesome, Surrealistic Cats And Dogs Space Journey Calendar

I got a little trippy looking at 2020 Cats+Dogs Space Journey Calendar by Brazilian graphic designer Otavio Santiago. It does not help especially after I, coincidentally, re-watched the entire season 1 of Rick and Morty.

Best Made 2020 Axe Calendar Has No Axes, But It Is Still Beautiful Anyways

We hardly do calendar and when we do, the calendar in question have to be unique in design, usability or both. The Best Made 2020 Axe Calendar is such. Usability-wise, it just rudimentary, but what inspires the graphics is something axe lovers will want to take note.

Xiaomi Wants To Give You 365 Blessings Via A Vintage Chinese Calendar

As we all know, Xiaomi is more than a handset maker. It makes a variety of home appliances and… no, wait. It actually makes just about everything and now, even calendar. No, not a digital version on a digital display. That will be so predictable and so very unnecessary in today’s context. We are talking …

You Can Show Your Extreme Love For Pizzas With This 2018 Pizza Calendar

It is officially a week into October of the Year 2017 and you know what this means. Apart for being the month to drink extra barrels of crisp, golden brew, it is also time to hunt for a calendar. Well, that is, of course, you still insist on an awesome, tangible calendar that will show …

Star Trek Ships Calendar: A Fitting Merchandize To Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Years In 2016

We’d think Trekkies have come to love Star Trek for its sci-fi element, more than the drama and if so, apart from the intriguing and some pretty outrageous but no less delightful tech (which some may have somewhat came true, if we may add), the spaceships are probably the next most drool worthy thing about …